Radiation Shielding Design


Diagnostic Shielding Services

  • Provide Shielding Designs for all modalities
    • Dental and CBCT units
    • Radiographic Units
    • Floroscopic Units
    • Cardiac Catheriterization and Interventional Units
    • Mammography Units
    • Computed Tomography
    • Nuclear Medicine Department Shielding
    • Pet-Ct Units
    • Spect-CT units

Therapeutic Shielding Services

  • Provide Shielding Designs for Radiation Oncology Department
    • Linear Accelerator Vault Shielding
    • High Dose Remote Afterloader Vault Shielding

MMPA Experience Advantage

We have  highly qualified and ABR certified staff with years of experience of providing shielding designs..  We work with the facility to determine the most cost effective way to layout the department and provide timely and reliable designs.